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APRSISD(8) System Manager's Manual APRSISD(8)

aprsisdAPRS-IS daemon

aprsisd [-D] [-S ssid] [-i axtapN] [-p passcode] [-f filter] [server [port]]

APRS-IS is an Internet-based network which inter-connects various APRS radio networks throughout the world (and space). The aprsisd daemon works together with the kernel axtap(4) driver to establish a connection to an APRS-IS server and present it as a virtual network interface. aprsisd can also authenticate to the server and set an optional filter.

By default the callsign from mycallsign(5) will be used.

aprsisd itself will not produce or consume packets. A separate application, for example aprsd(8), must be used for that purpose.

Do not daemonize.
Set the SSID for the interface. Combined with your callsign this must be unique in the network, which usually means globally unique. See aprs(7) for commonly used SSIDs for different station types. The default SSID is 0 (zero).
Use a specific axtap(4) interface. By default the first available interface will be used. This option is primarily useful when starting aprsisd during netstart(8).
Set the passcode to be used for login to the server. Contact the software author if you do not know your passcode. By default the connection will be unverified, meaning that the connection will be receive only (upload to APRS-IS will be forbidden).
Set a filter to be used with the server.
server [port]
Set the server to connect to, optionally specifying the TCP port. By default the round-robin DNS name rotate.aprs2.net is used with port 14580. The server may be specified by either: a DNS name, a dotted-quad IPv4 address or a colon-seperated IPv6 address.

aprsisd will send status information, warnings and errors to syslog(8) using facility daemon and levels err, warn and info.

axtap(4), mycallsign(5), aprs(7), aprsd(8)

aprsisd first appeared in HamBSD XXX.

The aprsisd daemon was written for the HamBSD project by Iain R. Learmonth <irl@fsfe.org> for the public domain.

October 13, 2019 HamBSD-current