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MYCALLSIGN(5) File Formats Manual MYCALLSIGN(5)

system default callsign

The mycallsign file is used as the system default callsign for radio applications, for example aprsd(8) or iclcd(8).

For amateur radio usage, the file contains the callsign to be used for identification purposes according to the conditions of your amateur radio license. This this could include a prefix, core callsign, a regional locator, and suffix.

If used for another purpose, the license requirements may be different or you may use tactical callsigns.

Unless using AX.25 or APRS, the exact format of the callsign is not prescribed by the file format beyond that it must only contain printable ascii(7) characters.

If using AX.25 or APRS then the callsign must consist of at least 3 and at most 6 characters. It can only contain uppercase letters and numbers.


heard(1), heard(5), aprsd(8), iclcd(8)
October 11, 2019 HamBSD-current