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RKISSD(8) System Manager's Manual RKISSD(8)

Remote KISS daemon

rkissd [-D] [-T] [server [port]]

The remote KISS daemon connects to a remote KISS TNC via TCP, creates a pty(4) and then attaches the kiss(4) line discipline. In effect this allows the use of KISS over TCP with an axkiss(4) network interface.

Do not daemonize.
Use TCP (default).
The hostname or IP address to connect to.
The port number to connect to. (default: 8001)

axkiss(4), kiss(4), pty(4), aprs(7), aprsd(8)

rkissd first appeared in HamBSD XXX.

The rkissd daemon was written for the HamBSD project by Iain R. Learmonth <irl@fsfe.org> for the public domain.

There is no logging or diagnostics of any kind. There is no support for UDP as used by fldigi. If the connection is broken, the process will die and leave the network interface useless, rather silently.
November 30, 2019 HamBSD-current